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    3 Benefits Of Encouraging Your Child To Improve Language Skills

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    Being able to speak a second or third language is an impressive and useful ability for anyone. Especially in a world that is becoming smaller through technology and societies that are becoming multi-lingual, a child would greatly benefit from learning a new language at an early age. A child’s mind is like a sponge; it can absorb and retain things much faster than an adult can, and this is one of the reasons why learning a new language is said to be much easier for a child than an adult. Here are some ways in which your child can benefit from improving language skills and learning new ones;

    1. A Boost of Confidence when Communicating

    Knowing what to say, understanding what is being said, being able to write and read fluently all contribute towards building up sound communication skills. Not being able to communicate properly with someone will result in a discouraged relationship. For this reason, many pre-schools and schools offer Mandarin classes in Singapore to their students.

    So that language skills such as Chinese composition writing, reading and dialect can be taught and developed from early years. Since Mandarin is one of the most used languages in the world, a child would benefit very much by being to communicate in this language, especially for children from Asian societies which widely use the language.

    2. Helps with Learning and Development Overall

    Unlike adults, young children adapt to a language more quickly than adults because according to child psychologists, the early years are when the brain is most efficient and able to absorb a new language. Learning a new language can therefore increase brain activity and improve its retention skills in children. Remember how your kids pick up what you say, imitating your tone and even specific words and phrases? This is an example of how swiftly they can grasp cues from their environment when it comes to languages. Honing these abilities through the learning of a second language can boost overall mental abilities in children. It can help improve memory, encourage creative thought, multitasking skills and observance of the surroundings, all of which can greatly contribute in the learning of other subjects such as science and mathematics in school, as well as social skills in the outside world.

    3. Improvement in Decision-making Abilities

    According to research results, learning a second or third language can also improve decision-making skills in children and adults alike. By learning how to read and understand a language, a child can also learn how to read and understand situations and decide how to react to them from an early age. The thinking and deciphering skills required in translating something in one language to another can help the brain use the same logic when trying to judge a situation or problem and arriving at the best possible solution. This ability will help a child well into the teen as well as the adult years.

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