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    Baby Gift Ideas For An Indecisive Mind

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    Visiting your best friend who just gave birth to a beautiful baby? Or maybe even a newborn nephew or a niece of yours? Or maybe even a new born grandchild? Amidst the bounty of joy and exhilaration, what gift you must get this newborn will be one tough decision to take. While one may even ponder upon opening a trust fund for the newborn to getting something as simple as the essential needs of a baby that the parents would find greatly handy, the need to get a present that would actually serve a great purpose as well as create that extra “oomph” is what everyone finds hard to look for. One may also realize that the parents may already be equipped with all the essentials and that even if they still had a few prerequisites to be picked up, that the other visitors that come to extend their warmest wishes to the family of the new born will come bearing these clichéd gifts.

    It could be something as trivial as a soft toy that the baby will grow to be ever so fond of, or even the baby’s first clothes or colognes. It could even be something like a quality baby hair brush, though one may conjecture as to if this may be quite fundamental during the first few months of the baby’s growth as he won’t have much hair at first, that would go the length as to necessitate a brush for its taming. Moreover in consideration of all these suggested ideas for the “perfect gift”, nothing has really popped up to be one which would truly create some sense of uniqueness nor do these gifts sound to be personalized.

    Thus in looking for a custom-made, yet inimitable culture based gift, we tumbled upon the Taimaobi hair brush which is a brush made of the baby’s first hair in consequent to its first haircut, and this brush comes along with the handle engraved with the baby’s name and a warm wish for its future. This gift is rather unique, the parents are also able to cherish the baby’s first hair cut alongside the use of the brush, while the brush is said to have a greater insight, meaning-wise, in line with other cultural lineages.

    One may find the downside to this gift being the fact that the one may have to wait for some time, until the baby has its first haircut and the element of surprise may not be present as the person gifting it would have to expressly ask for the hair of the baby prior to handing it in for manufacturing. Conclusively, in weighing the pros and cons, it is still undeniable that this brush is quite the trendy gift for a new born.

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