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    Different Exercises You Can Do That Are Simple Yet Effective

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    Did you recently experience a health scare and your physician has informed you that you are not only over weight but that you are also very unhealthy and need to exercise at least four times a week and eat better as well so you are now researching ways you can exercise? Or are you looking for new exercises that you can do because you love working out but since you feel like you are getting bored of your current routine, you are looking for new exercises to incorporate into your routine to keep it exciting?

    Whatever the case may be, you must not only exercise to lose weight as regular exercise has a whole range of benefits. But that being said, if you are an older individual, even though it is just as important for you to exercise, you must make sure that you choose exercises that are more suited to your body and are simpler because if you try harder and more strenuous exercises, you might end up with an ankle fracture in Singapore. There are many such exercises so read below to know what these are.

    Walking and Running

    Walking and running are two exercises that are quite common but are still quite under rated as they are very effective when helping you lose weight. The best part of exercises such as walking is that it is very relaxing and not strenuous at all, which makes it perfect for older individuals or even individuals that do not work out because they do not enjoy pushing themselves. Walking also helps improve the health of your joints. If you still hate the idea of walking on a treadmill, you must remember that you can always go for a walk outdoors and this is better for you as well, since the scenery is always changing, it will not even feel like a workout. But you must make sure that you do not suddenly increase your running speed and increase it gradually as this might end up causing a rupture and you may need ankle ligament surgery.


    Swimming is an amazing exercise as it is proven to help work out all of the muscles in your body. It is also the one exercise that causes the least, if any, damage to your body compared to other exercises. It is also extremely easy on the joints which makes it another great exercise for older individuals or anyone who is over weight and they are finding it hard to run or walk long distances to burn calories. You can even go swimming with your friends and family a few times a week and get your work out in without even feeling it.

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