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    Drawbacks Of Using Certain Surgery Methods On The Eyelid

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    Many people try to do a dual eyelid surgery when they feel that their eye lid area does not look good or when the area droops heavily. There are many techniques which are used to fix the eye area. Here are some drawbacks of using a certain surgery technique:


    You must remember that the suture technique can result in a lack of fold. Most of the time a eyelid surgery in Singapore can cause issues in the eyelids. The main stitching can rupture the lid area causing a loss of flood. This can render the patient unconscious if he or she is unable to bear the pain for a long period of time.


    It is a must that after the operation is over that the skin heals well. If it does not heal well it can result in an ugly appearance and the person might have to go for another surgical procedure simply to correct the ugly skin fold. The loss must be observed well before any serious operation is performed on the person. Sometimes this can be seen around the tissue and it will be gradual over time. It will increase over a period of time or it will reduce. 


    The muscles around the eyelid area after an epicanthoplasty can become weak quickly or if the person already has weak muscles around the eye area this can give off an appearance of being sleepy or tired all the time. The result can worsen over time if the person does not even have control of the muscles. It is important that the individual takes the necessary drugs and medicine to get better quickly. If you are interested about ptosis correction you can visit this site


    Scars are present if the wound does not heal like it should. Sometimes the fold can result in the eye opening and closing and it will result in a sausage like appearance so the person can develop a bad scar on the area. Do not forget to ask a doctor for a cream or a thick ointment which can be applied to the area in case you do notice any harsh scars. This way you can prevent any from forming or to minimize on the appearance of any that you already do have. Remember that an operation on the eye is not something you must mess as it can become dangerous. Some doctors are not trained well so make sure your practitioner is listed in the board and is not someone who is blacklisted or suspended.

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