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    Dressing Up The Groom

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    While weddings are a fluttering mass of beautiful white net and silk for the bride, it is the same old garb for the groom. Or is it? One’s wedding day is as important to the groom as it is for the bride so why doesn’t one fuss on what the groom needs to wear as much as they do about the bride’s attire? Here are a few pointers to look into before you decide on what to wear on your wedding day.

    Looking Sharp

    While the bride looks a radiant mass of white fluff, the groom is expected to look sharp and strong. Hence the concept of a blushing bride where the groom needs to look strong and manly to whisk her off her feet and carry her off to the sunset. It is also a sign of respect to your partner and guests to dress sharp at your wedding. For this, the traditional tuxedo in Singapore is an age old proven method of menswear which has proven its worth through time to making one look professional and strong. It is also your own wedding day and those photos are going to last a lifetime. You do not want to show your grandkids a sloppy wedding photograph, now do you?

    Shopping Early

    While the bride would have dreamed up her bridal gown since she was ten, very few men seem to do the same. However, it is always best to do a bit of early shopping and thinking before the wedding day on what exactly you want to wear as a groom to wear perfect shirt and suits where you want it done from. Pre planning and setting up orders with over a month’s buffer allows enough time for your tailor to do a good job and not charge you extra for the rushed order. This will also help reduce one thing off your to-do list and one less thing to stress over in preparation for the big day.

    Break in to your Clothes

    Most of us do tend to buy a new pair of shoes for special occasions such as our own wedding. If so, make sure to break in to them before the actual wedding day as you do not want to have sore feet due to shoe cuts on that day. Even shirts, socks, suits, make sure to fit them on before the actual day so as to avoid any complications on that day of something not fitting right or something being itchy due to a stray stitch. Also, when deciding on what to wear, most have been grooms recommend a suit to a suit as this can be worn later on and would become an investment for later years rather than a one off cost.

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