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    Essential Features In A Preschool For Your Child

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    Every parent will be conscientious about the schools and preschools their children attend. There are some institutions that have built their entire reputations around the fact that parents have given it their seal of approval for decades. But reputation isn’t everything; sometimes you need to go on a tour of inspection yourself before you let your child enter this first bastion of systematic education. Here are a few things to look out for:

    Properly Trained Teachers and Standard Curriculum

    Many preschools take in inexperienced young men and women as teacher’s assistants; as long as the teachers themselves are properly qualified, this shouldn’t be a problem. The teachers must have completed a degree or diploma course on preschool teaching or child development psychology or at the very least, child care. Since you cannot exactly demand to see proof, talk to the head of the school. You can ask all the proof you want from him/her. Also talk to the teachers in passing and casually ask where they went to school etc. It’s your duty as a parent to make sure your children are well cared for. As for the curriculum, assess it to make sure it’s not too heavy for a child between 3-6 years old. There is plenty of time for them to learn words in school. Here they should be playing and making friends.

    Playground and Other Entertainment

    As mentioned earlier, proper studies can wait till school. A preschool should be teaching them psycho-social skills like how to make friends, how to eat properly, how to play without hurting oneself etc. Many young adults today went through an era when preschools focused too much on learning the ABC’s and not enough on developing them socially. Check to see if there is a playground, or at least an artificial lawn on which children can run and fall.

    See if they have space where children can just lie and paint, make crafts, sing songs, play musical instruments etc. because if there is not even an artificial lawn for them to play on, the preschool is not catering to the energy of the children. Go find another one immediately. A proper preschool shouldn’t just keep the children cooped up on desks and chairs; they should running, playing, jumping and exercising their imagination.

    Medical Care and a Nurse

    Small children frequently face injuries due to their exuberance, so a preschool must have a first aid kit, if not a nurse. Larger preschools have a qualified nurse in attendance so that he/she can attend to children who fall sick in class. A fully-stocked first aid box is a must in a preschool because most of these children don’t yet know how to take care of themselves. They fall, they slip, they scrape their elbows and knees or they cut themselves on something. All of these must be immediately attended to. It is the responsibility of the preschool to ensure that all children are medically cared for. Click this link for more information about buy artificial grass Singapore.

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