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    Group Work Is Essential Practice To Be Taught At A Young Age

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    Children should be motivated towards learning work with their peers. They should be directed towards working as groups and respecting others opinions and thoughts. When they grow up learning to be a part of a group it becomes easy for them to adapt to any situation that is brought forward for them through life. It is vital skill that needs to be acquired by the children. Since they do not know how to tackle and manage in a group at schools they should be guided by their teachers to work in groups. When these skills are learnt by the children they learn to share and be actively involved in any voluntary work or any social activity which involves groups. They become confident and would take up leadership roles through their confidence. Most importantly they grow up to become efficient and effective members in the society.

    How to improve Group work in School

    Schools are the main place where children learn to become part of a team. Therefore it is important to teach them team work. Therefore the schools could introduce team building games in Singapore which will enable for the children to solve mysteries and problems together.

    Moreover team building games are enjoyable which is interesting for the children. This will help children to learn as well as have fun. When children are lead to work as a group they love taking control of the situation. Since it involves them taking decisions while adults watch what they do. Teacher should only get involved when requested by the children if not he or she should be a by stander and watch the progress of the children in completing the given task.

    How can parents chip in to help?

    Parents are the key to a child’s independence therefore parents should not keep the child from participating in group activities in the community thinking it is dangerous. A child should be introduced to situations in life where he or she can learn to adapt to the situation and manage it in his or her own way. Therefore parents and adults in the community need to organize and introduce children to activities which will involve group work and task which the children need to find solutions and complete them. Hence parents should be role models for the children to follow their footsteps. Since the children observe what the parents do the parents should be careful when working in groups to be well involved and corporative. Every step parents take is observed by the children.

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