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    How To Organize A Great Company Anniversary Party

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    Cherishing in a competitive market is without doubt, an enormous challenge for an organization and all its employees. So why not celebrate all that hard work and dedication, over a gala event of fun and laughter?  An anniversary celebration will also help raise the reputation of the company, and it’ll be a great opportunity for introducing brand new products and services. If you’re planning on celebrating a milestone like the 25th or 50th anniversary of the organization, and if you’re planning on doing it right, here are a few tips that will help you make it a “corporate blast”!

    Spread the word

    What good will your event be if nobody shows up? As soon as you decide on when you’re going to have the party, let all your coworkers and clients know about it, maybe via a creative newsletter or an informative email. If your event is going to be open to the public, make use of social media as much as you can. The general public will admire and appreciate your organization’s sustained performance in the market and will be drawn to be a part of your success story. 

    Inform the vendors

    To throw a great party, you need all the help you can get. If the venue is not providing catering services, you will have to hire caterers and bartenders and in doing so, communicate to them the exact size of your guest list and how long an event it will be. Be sure to check whether the venue is licensed to serve alcohol if you’re planning on providing a wet bar for your guests. When booking entertainment for the evening, do it as early as possible to avoid any unfortunate, last minute disappointments and chose something you know your guests will enjoy. If you intend to appreciate and reward certain guests during the event, make the necessary arrangements to find the right number of business gifts Singapore that will suite the individuals who are to receive them.

    Not a penny in vain

    While it’s okay to celebrate and commemorate, it is important to remember that the anniversary is just as much about the future of the organization as it is about the past. This is why it is a must to pick and choose the things you need to include in the evening. If possible, try to have the party at the office premises itself as this will avoid high venue related costs which can instead be spent on decorations, entertainment or food. Allocate some funds to order appropriate present for the guests, so they’ll have something to remember the night for a long time.


    Setting the right date is important if you want to throw the best anniversary party in town. It is not essential for this date to be the exact same as when you commenced operations as an organization, but it should be somewhat close to the time. Make sure that the date doesn’t overlap with any major holidays and see to it that the employees, clients and all other the guests are comfortable with the selected date and time.

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