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    London’s Hot Spots For Team Gatherings

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    For most people activities that encourage team spirit can be quite daunting. For these people instantly visualize boring meeting rooms, a show of flip cards and some heard before ice breakers. This often leads to expected questions such as describing one’s self which is the hardest task of all. Ever wondered why it is so hard to express yourself, who you really are when questioned at once? However stepping out from the shadows, encouraging team spirit is indeed a fun task with many activities that everyone can easily fit in with. The right choice of venue to facilitate these various types of team encouraging activities will surely make things more fun, interesting and same time down right entertaining. The entire team can have a fun filled and memorable day, all whilst strengthen team confidence and the ability to learn new set of skills. Here are some of the entertaining venues that you should consider for your next team confidence building meet up.

    The Drink, shop, do at Kings Cross
    This go to place is a café during the day times and transforms itself into a lively club by night fall. This place is a combination with stylish choice of décor, serves up great and tasty food and cocktails with no limit to its Gin. This café has not one but three areas that you could occupy as your team building venue to have culinary experience. The dome room is constructed with the flow of plenty of sky light with its double height ceilings and has a very airy feel to it.

    The upstairs café has a more casual and relaxing vibe to it and the last room which is the Steam room is much more different than the rest. It has vaulted ceilings with plenty of candle light a DJ booth and as well as a piano. This team building venue in Singapore can be accommodated with nearly 140 guests. The activities in this café ranges from lego robot building to origami to dance classes and even bingo. You are sure to find your funny bone in this place.

    The riverside rooms at Wood Green
    For those of you who know about the Riverside Rooms, this establishment recently launched a new and improved day time packages which includes the iconic attractions in London and to facilitate a themed party at the venue as your desires. This venue can be transformed into if need to an English garden complete with artificial turf, garden tables and chairs and fairy lights. In terms of activities you can engage in a game of croquet. The guests will be served with a hearty breakfast, indoor BBQ for lunch and tea with snacks in the afternoon.

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