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    Organizing A Corporate Event

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    During some part of your career of working at an office, be it a small home-run garage operated kind of firm or a multinational corporation, you will be asked to organize an event, be it a simple fund raiser for the county ball or a product launch inviting all the corporate leaders of the industry. Whichever may be the case, the success or failure of the event will determine your future within the organization, and thus becomes of paramount importance. Here are a few pointers from us to start you off.

    The Invitees

    This is the most important factor of an event and in planning it. You might not be involved in deciding on the guest list, but it is your responsibility to ensure that everyone is taken care of, before, during and after the event. In corporate events, unlike those we organize simply at home, have lasting consequences on the company and yourself. Thus, you need to ensure that all guests are sent proper invitations within an adequate period of time, check on RSVP and follow up on who is or who is not able to attend the event, thereafter rearranging table plans to suit the new attendees. Seating rivals side by side may have very bad consequences. Once the guests arrive there needs to be someone in charge to greet them at the door and direct them to their allocated seats and also to engage in ‘small talk’ to ensure they do not feel neglected. Catering to the every need of the guests is your job and corporate events usually have a lot of choosy and snotty guests.

    Arrangement and Amenities

    After the people attending it, the most important is with what you treat them. Finding the perfect place which has both good food and adequate amenities is important for the company image. Hence the reason most companies have exuberant budgets where office parties are concerned, as it is important to maintain a certain degree of quality in the place and its facilities. Similarly, at the event, making certain aspects customised, such as customised gifts in Singapore helps make the guests feel more valued.

    Having your own product which you are promoting as door gifts from leading wholesale supplier will allow the guests to enjoy the item before it hits the market and will encourage them to invest in its future.

    The Food

    Making sure there is good quality food is to be expected of any event. Do not spend exuberantly on the decorations and separate a meager sum for the food. In certain cases, instead of serving a buffet, a sit down meal may be more advised. Customizing these meals separately is also a further step in making the event a success.

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