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    Protecting Your House From Burglary

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    Taking steps to maintain security in your home is essential to providing a sense of well-being and safety to your family. Here are some tips for improving your home’s security.

    Hiring out guards

    If you live in a large, luxurious house, it is most likely that it may attract burglars. One step that you can take to protect your valuables is to hire a security guard or guards to keep watch over your house. Whether or not you will be needing day time security is up to you, however you should prioritize security during the night time, since this is the time that burglars tend to get to work. You will have to pay your security guards regularly however and this could be an added expense in the long run. So you could seek out alternatives.

    Security cameras

    One of the most effective ways of maintaining security in your house is to install security cameras in the public areas of your house. There are many companies that specialise in CCTV installation in Singapore so you don’t have to do it yourself. Try to point out the areas in your house that will need the most security so that these areas are well covered. Having a camera in the entrance may be most important as this is most likely one possible point of entry if the thieves are planning on picking the door’s locks.


    Hooking up your gates and doors with alarms could be an effective way of alerting you of any possible trespassing and also could be effective in frightening the robbers away so it is a less expensive yet effective security system that you can implement in your home. Some of these alarms have a feature of automatically alerting the police as well who can then identify the criminals through the CCTV camera. Be sure to set the alarms to be active during just the night time or when you are away from home to avoid triggering it unnecessarily.

    Get a safe

    One of the most current ways of keeping your valuables safe is to store them in a safe so that even if there is a break in, the thieves will have a hard time getting to your valuables. Things like jewellery and money, if you are holding a large sum of money, could be some of the important things that you could store in the safe. Invest in a safe that is of good quality and is preferably heavy so that it is not easy to be carried away.

    Following these simple steps can help protect your house from burglars.

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