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    Steps To Plan A Wedding

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    If your sweetheart finally proposed to you, well the real deal starts now. Your wedding! Organizing a wedding is no cake walk. You cannot afford to make any mistakes on the biggest day of your life. Every little detail needs to be paid attention to and hence you will need to make a great effort to get everything right. So here are a few steps that would make it easier for you.

    1. Pick a date

    You can first decide on the season you want to hold your wedding and select a month and date. You can either first pick a date and then search for venues or the other way around if you have a specific place in mind. Do not pick a date that is during a holiday since your guests might have other plans and trips with family. Also, you could pick an odd month such as January which is away from the season and go for a Friday wedding than Saturday. The rates are much lower then.

    1. Set a budget

    You need funds to do anything. As much as you need it, the harder it is to obtain and hence need to be dealt with carefully. Prioritize all activities and set aside larger amounts for the most needed aspects such as the venue, catering and dress. Contact vendors that are in your price range only. Do not go over budget if it isn’t essential. You don’t want to start your wedded life in debt do you? Know your limits and spend accordingly.

    1. Pick a venue

    You can visit a few options according to their availability on your selected date. If you haven’t picked a date, you can set it after selecting a venue. The location, cost, parking space, capacity and facilities need to be carefully analyzed before taking a decision as it takes the most amounts of funds. Talk to the managers, negotiate, look for package deals and discounts such as seasonal or credit card discounts etc.

    1. Contact the vendors

    The food providers, dress maker, decorator, entertainment provider etc. need to be met and decided on. Consider different factors for this. For example, if you have Islamic guests, you need to arrange for halal catering services in Singapore. The décor and entertainment should be all done according to a theme you selected. Compare their prices and select the affordable but quality vendors.

    1. Send out invitations

    Your guest list needs to be decided early on so that you can search for venues of that capacity. Next, design your invitations as per your theme and send them out in advance.

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