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    The Technical Aspects Of Running A Company

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    Starting a new company can be fun and exciting. The potential of the heights your company can reach will seem limitless. However there are certain parts of starting and maintaining a business that are technical and cannot be avoided.

    Company secretaries are an important part of the functionality of a company. However a new company with a small workforce would not need a dedicated company secretary to do the tasks that are required of them. In such an instance, one option is to hire Singapore company secretarial services that handle the secretarial services for many companies. This is advantageous as they would be familiar with the job that needs to be done while having a dedicated company secretary would also be beneficial as they would be familiar with the subject matter (in other words, the company). Therefore looking at the tasks that fall under the purview of a company secretary you can decide which option is best for your company.
    Getting ready for meetings Many companies would have a board of directors, and shareholders. An annual general meeting is a vital part of the yearly agenda of the company where the financial statement is presented to the shareholders. It is also a mandatory yearly requirement as stated in the laws governing companies in almost all jurisdictions of law. the AGM will also be a forum on which important decisions of the company can be made. The board meeting is a meeting of the directors who will also come together as often as needed to make important decisions that will take the company forward.
    The company secretary has the task of preparing the papers for such a meeting. This will include preparing the agenda for such a meeting taking into account all the decisions that have to be made on behalf of the company for the coming year.
    Carrying out various legal requirementsThe company secretary shall also carry out many legal requirements of the company such as filing the annual returns of the company and keeping an eye on various legislative changes that can have an impact on the companies. Therefore the company secretary will take on the duty of making sure that the company is within its legal permissions, which will require an expert knowledge on the laws as they get updated. For this reason a company secretary is often a person with a legal background.
    Carrying out policy decisions The company secretary will also make sure that the various policies that the directors enter into are implemented in the company. They will also make sure that the policies are maintained up to date and duly approved.

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